Business Consulting for the New Community

The following represents a selection of focus areas from our “soup to nuts” consultative offering.

Strategy / Start Up / Optimization        

Beginning with the definition of strategy, market validation,  supporting the initial launch or start-up, and optimizing the on-going operations of businesses, we can help virtually any business excel.

Operations / Process Redesign        

We can also enhance seamless handovers from one organizational unit or team to the next during normal business operations while continually looking for efficiency gains.

People & Organizational    

Generally, we help organizations clarify and improve their communication, roll out initiatives seamlessly, and help teams collaborate more effectively.  Beyond this, using behavioral assessments and 360-degree feedback, we help individuals gain self-awareness and improve their performance.

Coaching and Career Change        

Executives often have two choices: improve performance or reposition (either themselves or their personnel).  We help with both options.

Business Development    

Establish and expand strategic relationships with partners, business communities, and clients (partnership management, sales and marketing).            

This is only a subset of some of our most common project and process areas of focus.  Contact us for more information or advice on your specific challenges.


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